Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

Obtained dismissal of trade secret misappropriation claim on behalf of client Geographic Services, Inc., a government subcontractor, by a ofrmer GSI employee and The Boeing Company. The trial court's granting of Boeing's motion to strike was overturned, and the case remanded for trial.
Standard MicroSystems v. Winbond Electronics (Cal. Ct. App., No. H033266, 2009). Retained post-judgment for successful appellate challenge to adverse trade secret judgment and injunction and successful opposition to Cal. Supreme Court review.
Faiveley Transport Malmo AB v. Wabtec Corp., 559 F.3d 110 (2d Cir. 2009). Obtained reversal of preliminary injunction relating to alleged disclosure of trade secrets.
Represented Merck's consumer products division, MSD Consumer Care on trademark infringement and unfair competition claims that MSD's use of a "PRO" acronym on its Dr. Scholl's P.R.O. Pain Relief Orthotics line of orthotic insoles infringed ProFoot's rights in the "PRO" mark for foot care products. The court denied ProFoot's motion for preliminary injunctive relief, finding that ProFoot is not likely to succeed on the merits of its infringement claims.
Following an ignored cease-and-desist letter, drafted a complaint on behalf of Quoizel, Inc. alleging, trademark infringement, false designation of origin, dilution and unfair competition. Within hours of the court filing, the offending parties agreed to stop the infringing conduct, and signed a consent judgment that has since been entered against them.
Paladyne Systems, Inc. v. STPenable Ltd (S.D.N.Y; 2007.): Successfully obtained preliminary injunction on behalf of Paladyne Systems against software consultant for theft of trade secrets and breach of contract involving software and complex database.
U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. v. Parts Geek LLC, et al. – obtained summary judgment on misappropriation of trade secret and copyright infringement claims relating to computer software