Brownfields Redevelopment

In today’s legal and regulatory climate, brownfields, handled properly, are no longer risky environmental liabilities.  It is increasingly clear that contaminated property is an investment opportunity for developers and the financial community. Over the past 15 years, brownfield development has evolved from a high-risk venture to a mature business that integrates traditional real estate investment techniques with sophisticated environmental expertise in remediation, liability protection, and risk modeling.

Our deep talent pool of environmental lawyers has brought seamless service to our clients on the following issues:

  • Counsel regarding environmental disclosures in bond indentures, shareholder notifications and SEC filings
  • Counsel regarding New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act, Connecticut Transfer Act and other state proceedings for property transfers subject to environmental review
  • Working with public/private lenders considering financing brownfield transactions
  • Helping our corporate clients remove legacy sites from their books
  • Understanding institutional controls and long-term stewardship issues
  • Advising on due diligence affecting brownfield sites, including conducting environmental assessments of industrial facilities throughout the world using advanced technology and a network of local law experts
  • Procurement of environmental insurance for client needs, including “reopener” protection
  • Recovery under environmental insurance, including PLL and cost-cap policies