Chemicals Regulation

We regularly advise companies in the petro, agri, speciality and other chemicals sectors on all aspects of environmental and health and safety compliance throughout the chemicals supply chain, from site/asset acquisition and development, raw material extraction/production, processing and transportation to importation, distribution and use through trading and financing.

We are business-orientated lawyers who devise optimal chemicals regulation compliance structures and strategies, manage environmental pollution and health and safety incidents and liabilities, lobby governments for legislative change, and defend against regulatory enforcement.

Among other relevant areas, we specialise in:

  • EU REACH and other global REACH-like regimes
  • Classification, labelling and packaging laws
  • Remediation and re-use of sites
  • Permitting, expansions and upgrades
  • Decommissioning and permit surrender
  • Waste management
  • Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH/Seveso)
  • Emergency Response