Complex Litigation Group Strategy

The Complex Litigation Group Strategy team provides comprehensive solutions for clients facing major exposure and “bet the company” litigation. The focus of this team is to provide clients with an early assessment of the risks they face, and a clear path through the dense fog of issues created by complex litigation. Our lawyers excel at identifying, developing and executing pragmatic legal, trial and resolution options – regardless of the phase of litigation in which our clients are involved. These types of large-scale actions typically involve myriad legal issues and many moving parts. In order to effectively navigate these disputes, clients require a clearly thought-through litigation and/or resolution strategy to minimize overall exposure and costs. This is where the Complex Litigation Group Strategy team can make a big difference.

We begin every engagement by setting a strategy rooted in a clear understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives. Then we get to work, immediately mapping out threatening and challenging risks facing our clients and making sense of what can often be overwhelming. To that end, the defense of every complex litigation begins with a well-defined exit strategy that utilizes all of the client’s best options. Our approach takes into consideration not just the litigation threat, but also the financial, brand and internal impact our recommendations will have on our clients’ ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Once set, we will execute on the agreed-upon strategy and staff a dedicated team of attorneys with the requisite skill-set to ensure success. This may include attorneys both inside and outside the CLG, and possibly even outside of Reed Smith. Every engagement is managed with a top-down approach, to ensure that the overall strategy is being driven at all levels, and that resources are being directed in ways that are consistent with the client’s desired outcome.

Given the inherent risks and staggering cost of litigation, we understand that our clients need alternatives. For example, the best alternative to winning a case at trial is winning or reducing the risk through well-executed motion practice. While a trial win can certainly change the impact of the litigation, knocking a case out on Daubert, class certification or a global motion for summary judgment can bring the litigation to an end without the risk that a jury brings to the equation. Additionally, there are times when the most effective exit is through settlement. In every litigation, the team partners with its clients to set the direction of their defense around the potential endgame.

At its core, this team was created to “parachute in” and assist in-house counsel when the weight of litigation feels too great, and the available options seem limited. We provide creative, outside-the-box solutions for legal problems that have simply become insurmountable. Our attorneys have decades of experience containing the most problematic scenarios and righting even the most wayward ships. We will be there for you when you need us. We will light up the path.