EME Licensing & Permitting

Our environmental lawyers frequently advise businesses on critical environmental licensing and permitting issues. We help our clients with drafting and making permit applications, appeals and variations, and compliance issues, including representation in connection with regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings, transfers and surrender of permits, onsite closure and aftercare requirements, suspension, and withdrawal and forfeiture, particularly in relation to:

  • Integrated pollution control under the EU’s PPC and the UK’s Environmental Permitting Regime
  • The EU’s REACH chemical regime regulating the marketing and use of chemicals in the EU
  • Waste management licensing and “producer responsibility” legislation
  • Trade effluent consents and water discharge consents
  • Water abstraction licences
  • Greenhouse gas emissions permits
  • Electricity Act, Pipelines Act and Gas Act consents
  • Permits/consents associated with the construction and operation of offshore installations