Emergency Response

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    We provide our clients with a global emergency response and risk management service tailored to local legal and commercial conditions.

    We aim to ensure that our clients are fully prepared to deal with an emergency and navigate through its aftermath, whilst maintaining continuity of normal business operations.

    Our Energy & Natural Resources lawyers have widespread experience in preparing clients on a global basis to deal with, and guide them through, a wide variety of emergencies in the sector including:

    1. On and offshore pollution and other major environmental incidents
    2. Explosions and other significant industrial incidents
    3. Maritime emergencies including piracy, vessel sinkings, collisions, fire and loss of cargo
    4. Health & Safety crises
    5. Dawn raids and investigations by energy sector regulators
    6. Whistleblower cases
    7. Product liability and recall scenarios
    8. Financial crises such as counterparty insolvency, covenant breaches, ratings downgrades, and significant fraud
    9. Impact of sanctions and other international trade events
    10. Privacy/data security breaches

    In recent years members of our emergency response team have assisted clients who were affected by high profile incidents such as the Hebei Spirit, Erika and Prestige oil spills, the Buncefield explosion, the Hatfield (UK) rail crash, the Hungarian red mud spill, and the total loss of one of the world’s largest offshore oil platforms.

    A number of members of our ENR team have previously worked in senior roles within energy and natural resources sector companies and many are recognized as being market leaders in their fields. Our team also includes legally qualified Master Mariners and other ex-seafarers from our shipping group, one of the world’s leading ‘wet’ shipping and admiralty practices. We also have a market leading Insurance Recovery practice to assist with claims against insurers.

    For more information download our brochure or contact Kyri Evagora, Ellen BastierNick Rock or Carol Burke.