Employment Practices Liability

Claims arising out of employment relationships are a constant source of risk for any enterprise. Employment practices liability (“EPL”) insurance coverage can be an effective means to mitigate this risk. The attorneys in Reed Smith’s Insurance Recovery Group understand the challenges associated with employment practices claims and have significant experience in all phases of the EPL insurance process, from securing the best policy terms to the submission and favorable resolution of claims. That experience can help you to maximize coverage available under this specialized insurance asset.

Reed Smith’s Insurance Recovery attorneys work with clients and their brokers in the context of both policy procurement and renewal to analyze potential coverage, determine which policy best meets the client’s needs, and negotiate policy enhancements when necessary to obtain the most comprehensive coverage available. This effort can include not only the analysis of stand-alone EPL policies, but also consideration of other types of policies in a client’s insurance program to determine if they may provide a separate source of EPL coverage.

In the event of a claim, Reed Smith’s Insurance Recovery attorneys assist our clients in analyzing coverage potentially available under each of the different policies in their insurance program, and in giving notice to the appropriate carriers. If the carrier reserves rights or denies coverage, we aggressively negotiate to secure coverage for the claim. Negotiation (including the use of alternative dispute mechanisms, such as mediation) may resolve insurance coverage disputes – including reversals of coverage denials – without the need to incur litigation costs. If litigation does become necessary, however, our attorneys have extensive experience in the courts and in arbitration to obtain the best possible results for our clients.