Site Closure & Decommissioning

The closure of industrial and other contaminated sites will tend to crystalise certain environmental liabilities and generate enhanced regulatory scrutiny. Environmental permits will need to be surrendered, which may trigger obligations to clean up any pollution caused during the life of the permit. Other site clean-up may be needed to prepare a site for sale and/or redevelopment. A range of new licences and consents may be required for the demolition, decommissioning and remediation activities proposed.

Our lawyers are extremely experienced in all of these areas. Our services in connection with the decommissioning and closure of on and offshore installations include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (particularly relevant for offshore decommissioning projects)
  • Site condition/baseline comparison analysis
  • Development of detailed remediation strategies and options appraisal
  • Licensing and permitting support
  • Negotiations with regulatory authorities
  • Associated waste disposal issues