Women’s Health Product Liability

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For more than 30 years, Reed Smith has handled a wide range of individual, class and mass tort product liability litigation spanning a broad spectrum of women’s health products and reproductive-system injuries.

Our unique depth of experience and scientific knowledge led to the creation of our Women’s Health Product Liability team, comprising highly experienced lawyers from across the country with sophisticated litigation experience in a wide range of matters involving women’s health. Members of our Women’s Health Product Liability team have the ability to quickly assume the role as defense counsel in new litigation involving women’s health products, as the learning curve in many cases is significantly reduced. In addition to our unique experience in this specific product category, this team is exceptionally diverse, featuring numerous experienced women trial attorneys and mass tort litigators.

Breadth of Experience

Our experience in this industry dates back many years, and includes some of the most significant life sciences products cases of the past few decades. Members of our Women’s Health Product Liability team have defended or are currently defending product liability litigation involving hormone contraceptives, pelvic mesh, hormone replacement therapy, diet drugs, breast implants, and age and bone loss drugs, among others.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the specific disease-states that affect women’s reproductive systems, including pelvic organ prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and thromboembolism, as well as birth defects resulting from transplacental exposure. We also know how to defend what can be very sympathetic cases.

Our lawyers are at the forefront of strategically developing and defending cases that involve controversial science. We have successfully resolved major litigation by retaining the leading experts in the field, and then positioning the cases to leverage the science and literature in our client’s favor, often resulting in significant Daubert victories that derail the case value and plaintiffs’ efforts to expand the litigation. We also have established relationships with well-credentialed and highly regarded physicians and scientists in the women’s health arena (e.g., OB-GYNs, urogynecologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, neurologists and oncologists).

Based on this extensive knowledge, Reed Smith has the ability to quickly develop a comprehensive litigation end-game strategy, and manage both litigation and trials through our unique experience and exceptionally diverse and deep bench.