Referent: Christine M. Maddison

Veranstaltungsart: Seminar

Westin La Paloma, Tucson AZ
Startdatum / -uhrzeit:
13 November 2016
Enddatum / -uhrzeit:
16 November 2016

IPT's Income Tax Symposium includes a variety of topics important to income tax professionals including updates on income tax from global, national and state perspectives. Other sessions topics include transfer pricing, tax base conformity, audit tactics, market-based sourcing, and alternative appointment, among others. The symposium is designed to help income tax professionals understand the new and emerging issues you encounter daily, as well as provide attendees with in-depth analyses on strategies for operating effectively in an ever-changing SALT environment.

Christine Hanhausen is program chair of the symposium and will deliver opening remarks. 

Jack Trachtenberg will participate in two panels during the symposium:

  • “National Update – The Year in Review” on Monday, November 14, at 8:30 am. This session will take a look at the last twelve months across the states and cover both the key income tax decisions, critical cases currently pending cases, and trends across that states.
  • “Understanding the Unitary Business Concept in 2016,” on Tuesday, November 15, at 10:45 am. This session will discuss the various tests and recent trends to determine what constitutes a unitary business. While there might be Supreme Court case law on the issue, this session will compare the varying states laws and policies, including recent legislative changes, to see how the unitary business concept differs among states. In addition, this session will look at the implications of being a member of unitary group in combined reporting states and the treatment of nonunitary business activities in separate company states.

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