CareeRS is Reed Smith’s firmwide, competency-based career development program. It is designed to ensure that the firm provides the best legal representation to its clients, while at the same time providing our lawyers and staff with the transparency, development opportunities, feedback and support they need to help them achieve their individual career goals at Reed Smith. For more information on CareeRS for our staff, please visit Staff CareeRS.

The wheel outlines the competencies structure for lawyers at Reed Smith. There are nine competencies that are divided into four quadrants. The four quadrants are Legal Skills; Citizenship; Business Skills; and Clients. There are three competencies within Legal Skills: Practice Skills and Knowledge, Research and Analysis, and Written and Oral Communication. There are two competencies within Citizenship: Developing Self and Others, and Teamwork and Collaboration. There are two competencies within Business Skills: Leadership, and Matter and Financial Management. There are two competencies within Clients: Business Development, and Client Relationships.

Firm's competency model