Background Facts – A U.S.-based global construction company had to urgently repatriate all international employees stationed in a northern African country on an emergency basis because of political unrest.

Emergency Response Issues – Inextricably linked to the practical and logistical difficulties that had to be overcome to remove all personnel from the region, there were significant legal and HR issues that had to be addressed, which were made more difficult owing to the multitude of nationalities involved in the situation.

Our Role – Our lawyers were retained as employment law counsel to manage all contractual and other HR- related issues pertaining to the repatriation of staff. This involved working with a large number of different expatriate contracts, dealing with international immigration and employment concerns, and ensuring that all affected personnel were safely evacuated.

Outcome – This was a tense and high-risk situation, with life threatening consequences, and our lawyers worked tirelessly under pressure to ensure that all personnel were safely evacuated. We continue to advise the client on a range of related employment matters, such as crisis response planning and training (this includes guidance in kidnapping situations), employee health, and safety and contractual issues.