Background Facts – A highly public scandal engulfed a leading UK corporate entity and led to the resignation of certain of its senior management, resulting in intense media and political scrutiny.

Emergency Response Issues – Three separate independent reviews were set up against the backdrop of wide publicity and media commentary.

Our Role – Reed Smith was required to assemble an inquiry team on short notice that was equipped to conduct thorough investigations of numerous documents and associated witness interviews within an extremely restricted time frame under conditions of strict confidentiality. We performed three parallel roles.

The first review involved the consideration of tens of thousands of documents, interviews with 30 witnesses, and the preparation of a lengthy report, which generated wide international and domestic
publicity, all within a nine-week period.

The second review examined the culture within the organization during the relevant period. In this context, Reed Smith considered thousands of documents and conducted approximately 500 witness interviews, again within a matter of months.

Reed Smith was also appointed as legal adviser and secretariat to a separate review led by a former High Court Judge.

Outcome – Intense media scrutiny was handled without any negative consequences or disruption to the investigations while the client’s business continuity was maintained. Despite the vast team deployed and the pace of our work, complete secrecy was maintained throughout.