PITTSBURGH – December 14, 2017 – Global law firm Reed Smith today announced the 2018 leadership team for each of the firm’s six affinity groups globally.  Reed Smith’s affinity groups serve as a forum for diverse attorneys to receive mutual professional support and exercise leadership skills, while also representing the groups’ interests to senior management within the firm.  Additionally, affinity group’s provide robust mentoring and professional development opportunities for the firm’s diverse talent.

Related Professionals: Siddesh Bale Maytak Chin Douglas E. Cameron Keyonn L. Pope Alexander Y. Thomas Thao Ngo Casey Ryan Mildred Segura Rafael A. Santos-Hernandez Carolyn E. Pepper Jonathan Radcliffe Vicki J. Tankle M. Tamara Box Jesse L. Miller Michael B. Pollack Andrew P. Jenkinson

Each affinity group is led by a partner chair and an associate chair, and is sponsored by a member of the firm’s senior management team (SMT).  The leaders of the affinity groups are (*asterisk* denotes newly appointed chair for 2018):

Asian American Affinity Group

  • Siddesh Bale (Partner Chair - Chicago)
  • Maytak Chin (Associate Chair - San Francisco)*
  • Doug Cameron (SMT Sponsor - Pittsburgh)

Black / African American Affinity Group (STAARS - Sustaining and Training African American Attorneys at Reed Smith)

  • Keyonn Pope (Partner Chair - Chicago)
  • Zalika Pierre (Associate Chair - New York)*
  • Sandy Thomas (SMT Sponsor - Washington DC)