LONDON - Global law firm Reed Smith is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Black Young Professionals (BYP) network to further diversify its talent pool by increasing the number of Black candidates applying to work at the firm. Reed Smith is delighted to be the first law firm to join so many of its clients as members of BYP.

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BYP is a platform that connects Black professionals with each other and corporations. After the 2016 Black Lives Matter protests, the BYP network was founded to harness the power of the black community. It has a network of 50,000 members and a focus on working with existing black networks and businesses.

It aims to match the best career opportunities to Black professionals, improving black role model visibility and working with corporations to reduce bias in their hiring process.

By partnering with BYP, Reed Smith will have access to the network’s job’s board and able to tap into the 50,000 strong network of Black professionals. The firm will also work closely with BYP to continue to ensure its hiring processes are well placed to attract diverse talent.

The partnership chimes with the commitment the firm made in October 2020 to improve racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace. The firm formalised its Racial Equity Action Plan (REAP) by creating specific benchmarks for hiring, retaining and promoting Black lawyers and for advancing pro bono initiatives impacting the Black community – all designed to deconstruct barriers to equity in the legal industry and in our communities.

Tamara Box, Reed Smith’s EME managing partner, said: “The Black Young Professionals network is a fantastic organisation and we look forward to working with them to increase the number of Black candidates applying to work at the firm. Our partnership is another step forward in enhancing the diversity within the firm, which we know improves our ability to innovate and to provide the best service to our clients.”

Earlier this month the firm also joined the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and 75 British companies in singing up to the Change the Race Ratio campaign.

As a signatory to that campaign the firm has committed to:

  • Increase racial and ethnic diversity among the executive committee
  • Increase racial and ethnic diversity among the senior management team
  • Be transparent on targets and actions
  • Create and maintain an inclusive culture in which talent from all diversities can thrive