New Jersey Nexus

New Jersey has been aggressively asserting nexus for years. Some times successfully. (See Lanco, Inc. v. Director.) Sometimes with mixed results. (See Quark, Inc. v. Director and AccuZIP, Inc. v. Director.) For the 2002–2010 tax years, the downsides of nexus are sometimes huge: In those years, nexus exposure can run into tens of millions of dollars for taxpayers. (See General Engines, Inc. v. Director and Pfizer, Inc. v. Director.) Meanwhile, the Division continues to stretch the lookback period for taxpayers that do not voluntarily come forward. (See Praxair Technology, Inc. v. Director.) And the Division's VDA program has become miserly. Adding to taxpayer worries are amnesty penalties. But those penalties have recently been called into question by the courts.

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