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As sanction regimes continue to be adopted and expanded globally, it is important that companies and individuals across industry sectors proactively assess the regimes’ impact in order to avoid the potentially significant ramifications of non-compliance; a breach of sanctions can result in civil and/or criminal penalties in addition to reputational damage to a sanctions breaker.

Reed Smith has a team of lawyers worldwide which supports clients in navigating the maze of sanction regimes - including UN, U.S., EU and UK sanctions - affecting the energy and trade, shipping, insurance, aviation, defense, technology and life sciences industries. Inevitably sanctions can seriously impact upon the business conducted by entities in a wide range of circumstances.

All the indications are that the sanctions landscape will become even more complex in the future. This will mean ever-more-detailed compliance programs, revised trading patterns and business considerations in an attempt to mitigate the risks. Much of the sanctions legislation is purposively vague, which makes ensuring strict compliance a challenge.

If you require specific advice regarding sanctions affecting Iran, Syria or any other jurisdiction, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by emailing , contacting one of the individuals listed in “Meet the Team” or by getting in touch with your usual contact at Reed Smith who can then refer you onto someone who can assist.

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