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It can be hard to make improvements across your legal department when you’re constantly under pressure from the business to produce more for less. It’s essential to take an objective view. Are there industry benchmarks? Which technology advances work best? How can we manage increasing regulatory changes? Can we break through to real productivity gains, with time and cost savings, when we are already working efficiently?

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Fixed fees deliver savings on over 100 R&D contracts a month for Eisai Pharmaceuticals

The problem

Eisai Pharmaceuticals prepares and manages over 100 research and development contracts for major clinical trial sites every month. The company needs to reduce legal department spend, improve efficiency and increase access and collaboration to spread the workload so it can easily allocate, track and execute contracts.

The resolution

Based on the volume and type of work, we proposed a fixed monthly fee for all work. Together with Eisai, we formulated negotiation positions for a team of our experts to follow. This set of guidelines allows a pool of Reed Smith staff attorneys to scale up for volume increases, eliminating the need for any extra outside resource. We maintain a close relationship and conduct on-the-fly action reviews using a design engineering approach to continuously refine and improve processes and technology.

The impact

Eisai now enjoys 24/7 visibility of each contract’s status, which eliminates queries, gives competitive insight and accelerates outcomes. Plus, average contract turnaround time has consistently trended downward, from 34 days initially to 16 days, a 44 percent reduction, together with certainty in costs from our fixed fee arrangement.

Testimonial: “It increased our efficiency, it reduced routine tasks, and it improved collaboration and our service with our business partners.”

30 percent cost savings in mortgage litigation for a global bank

The problem

As part of a convergence procedure, our client, a global bank, had the goal of achieving greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for mortgage litigation cases. They were looking for significant cost savings and better time management tools overall.

The resolution

We developed standardized documentation and processes for all matters. Active management also ensures that the process checks for tasks necessary to resolve each matter are completed, while involving only client-approved timekeepers with significant experience of the client’s matters.

The impact

Our contribution in developing these initiatives has resulted in cost savings to the client this year alone of approximately 30 percent. Working together, we expect significant savings and improvements to continue year on year.

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