We provide our people with first-rate opportunities for continuing learning and development. This is a key part of our strategy to attract and retain top talent.

We are committed to preparing our people for success. Our Learning and Development (L&D) and Human Resources teams collaborate with our partners, professional staff subject-matter experts and leading external presenters to deliver a broad range of both legal and professional skills programs.

Careers competency, feedback and mentoring programs

Our global, competency-based career development program is designed to provide our lawyers, paraprofessionals and professional staff with the transparency, professional growth opportunities and support they need to advance their careers and provide exceptional client service.

Our lawyer competency model

Our competency model outlines the skills, knowledge and behaviors we believe our people need to provide exceptional client service at each stage of their career:

  • Legal skills
    • Legal skills and knowledge
    • Research and analysis
    • Written and oral communication
  • Business skills
    • Matter and financial management
    • Leadership
  • Clients
    • Client relationships
    • Business development
  • Citizenship
    • Developing self and others
    • Teamwork and collaboration

Real-time feedback and annual evaluations

Our associates use our real-time feedback tool to request and receive competency-based feedback throughout the year from the senior lawyers with whom they work. In addition, each associate receives an annual performance evaluation.

Careers Advisors mentoring program

This program ensures that our associates have at least one senior lawyer to turn to for career development advice and guidance on how to provide exceptional client service. Reed Smith also offers other formal mentoring programs, including through our business inclusion groups, and encourages lawyers to form and cultivate informal mentoring relationships.