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SEC’s Announcement of Chief of FCPA Unit Signals Possible Anti-Bribery Enforcement Focus on Non-U.S. Issuers

Non-U.S. companies traded on the United States stock exchanges, take notice: you may be receiving increased attention from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC’s”) anti-bribery arm.

This client alert by members of Reed Smith’s anti-corruption team explains how recent statements by the SEC’s leadership – including the new Chief of the SEC’s FCPA Unit – signal the American regulator’s intent to “level the playing field” by stepping up its investigations and enforcement of companies worldwide, and what non-U.S. issuers can do to prepare.


The GDPR is coming: the key issues HR professionals need to understand

The GDPR is the most important development in data protection law for 20 years. It brings a raft of new obligations and requirements for any organisations that track individuals or do business in Europe, wherever they are located, and carries hefty fines for those that do not protect the data they hold.

Abu Dhabi Financial Services Regulatory Authority Issues Guidance on Initial Coin Offerings

Earlier this month, the Financial Services Regulation Authority of the Abu Dhabi Global Market joined the ranks of various regulatory agencies from countries, including Australia, Canada, and the United States that have addressed ICOs, by issuing Supplementary Guidance on the regulation of ICOs and virtual currencies. The Guidance offers parameters for classifying, for legal and regulatory purposes, various types of digital assets. The Guidance is generally consistent with the product-and activity-based regulation approaches of the United States and the European Union.

Singapore Court of Appeal dismisses appeal to set aside award

This client alert was originally published in Practical Law Arbitration. Reproduced with permission. This client alert is co-written by Reed Smith Pte Ltd and Resource Law LLC who together form the Reed Smith Resource Law Alliance in Singapore. Reed Smith Pte Ltd is licensed to operate as a foreign law practice in Singapore. Where advice on Singapore law is required, we will refer the matter to and work with licensed Singapore law practices where necessary.

In Prometheus Marine Pte Ltd v King, Ann Rita and another appeal [2017] SGCA 61, the Singapore Court of Appeal considered an appeal that arose out of two applications seeking relief to set aside an arbitration award.


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