Global Perspectives

Insurance Coverage for Global Warming Liability – An Increasingly Hot Topic

Three recent California lawsuits against some of the country’s largest energy companies represent the latest effort by civil litigants to obtain legal relief for damages allegedly sustained because of climate change. Although the legal viability of these suits is in doubt, companies significantly involved in the extraction, sale, and use of fossil fuels should consider what, if any, insurance coverage may be available to them to respond to similar legal actions in the future. In general, liability policies should provide coverage for suits alleging property damage and trespass linked with global warming. But policyholders likely will face several obstacles, including insurer coverage denials, in obtaining coverage. Policyholders can and should take steps now to improve their ability to secure insurance coverage.

Investigations in the healthcare sector by the French Competition Authority: drugmakers’ potential “excessive pricing” at stake

French competition authority to start investigations into potentially “excessive prices” in the healthcare market in the next weeks, following increasing scrutiny across Europe.

Article 257 UAE Penal Code – Questions and Answers

The amendment to Article 257 of Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 (as amended) (UAE Penal Code) which came into effect on 29 October 2016 is proving to be a topic of particular interest and discussion in the UAE.

Expanding Cross-Border Commodities Investment into China

Reed Smith’s Singapore office recently hosted a seminar on the Singapore-China commodities nexus. In the seminar, we highlighted the current trend of commodity market participants increasing their commodity exposure in China either by expanding the scope of their current business there or by establishing a presence for trading activities in the domestic market. The seminar discussed some of the key legal issues relevant to anyone considering such increased investment in China.

10,000 Foot View

Do Values Matter…Now?

Reed Smith has partnered with Susan Bird, an internationally-recognized leader in executive communication, in developing a new series of podcasts that are “curated conversations,” moderated by Susan and produced by Wf360. Some say we’ve lost our true north…as individuals, as companies, as countries. We’ve abandoned the values that formed the basis for our behavior. We’re more focused on what benefits us and our families, without much regard for our communities or our country. Is that so?