Event Type: Webinar

Start Date/Time:
6 February 2013
End Date/Time:
6 February 2013

Writing on an agreed-upon understanding among parties can sometimes be viewed as a cursory step in formalizing a business relationship. Yet the manner in which concepts are expressed on a page is often as important as the concepts themselves. Solid contract-drafting skills are therefore essential tools to any professional who deals with transactions or business relationships. Unfortunately, although contract counterparties might have the best intentions, many contracts—even those drafted by experienced attorneys and those relating to the most prominent of transactions—are plagued with ambiguities, inconsistencies, unintended imprecision, and “bloat” from unnecessary legalese, rendering them confusing, risky, and potentially very costly.

Unlike many other contract-drafting courses, this course focuses on the manner in which concepts are expressed in a contract rather than the substance of any provision or contract in particular.

Join Reed Smith Counsel, Vincent Martorana, for his presentation entitled "Intermediate Concepts in Drafting Contracts."