Speakers: David R. Cohen

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Clark Hill PLC, One Oxford Centre – 14th Floor 301 Grant Street, Pittsburgh PA 15219
Start Date/Time:
26 March 2015
End Date/Time:
26 March 2015

Delete Your Data Defensibly: A How-To for Legal and IT

Program Description:  Shrinking the universe of outdated/obsolete emails and other unstructured content or dark data retained on your network reduces storage costs, makes pertinent data easier to locate and dramatically reduces discovery costs during any future litigation or government investigation. CLOs, CIOs, litigators, analysts, jurists and bar associations overwhelming agree on the tremendous value of practicing good data hygiene -- so why isn't every company systematically disposing of obsolete legacy, non-business and redundant information in the normal course of business? Because they don't know how to do so safely. We will show legal, information governance and IT professionals a step-by-step process that enables companies to defensibly eliminate as much as 60 percent of unstructured content.

Speakers:  David Cohen, Practice Group Leader of Reed Smith's Records & E-Discovery Group, is a co-presenter.