Speakers: Lee A. Zoeller

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego CA
Start Date/Time:
22 February 2016
End Date/Time:
25 February 2016

At this 2.5 day conference, leading transaction tax experts will cover topics such as Tax Operations, Unclaimed Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, B2B and more. This conference also includes the exclusive COST member only audit sessions on hot transaction tax topics and audit issues. This program is open to industry tax professionals from COST industry member companies only who seek the latest updates on significant transaction tax issues and trends.

Join Reed Smith partner Lee Zoeller for his presentation on February 23 entitled "Coordinating Sales/Use Tax with Other State Taxes." The speakers in this session will emphasize that despite the trend in deep specialization in SALT, it remains necessary for a company to have a well-rounded person with broad SALT expertise to ensure coordination on SALT and other tax matters. They will explain how seemingly isolated state tax decisions can have technical and pragmatic business considerations. They will also explain how to leverage data from one specific area in SALT to another, and ensure that reconciliations between the two areas are accurate. Finally, they will demonstrate the effect that a sales and use tax decision may have on other SALT areas and advocate the need to update tax matrices to identify which taxes are registered/filing in each state, and being able to reconcile reasons for outliers.

Reed Smith partner Jack Trachtenberg will be presenting "False Claim Act and Class Action Lawsuits in Sales Tax - Audited Through the Courts" on February 25. This presentation will discuss the recent trends of qui tam actions and consumer fraud actions throughout the United States. Included in the discussion will be an analysis of the efforts of the New York State Attorney General to broadly apply the State's False Claims Act to tax disputes. This presentation will discuss the content and validity of the Attorney General's response and explore the apparent position of the Attorney General that corporations may be subject to damages for fraud under the FCA if they take a position that is contrary to the government's informal guidance.

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