This presentation will focus on patent and trademark issues that affect institutions of higher learning.

Speakers: Matthew P. Frederick

Event Type: Webinar

Start Date/Time:
7 June 2018, 12:00 PM EDT
End Date/Time:
7 June 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

The training will cover some brief background, but will otherwise focus on practical advice for in-house attorneys, administrators, and even inventors themselves at educational institutions. The presentation will highlight the discussion with real-life examples that Reed Smith sees from its clients in higher education to demonstrate how to employ these best practices.


  • Overview of patents and trademarks
  • Identifying patentable discoveries
  • Key information to include in an invention disclosure
  • Inventorship – it’s not authorship
  • Educating Faculty on Disclosure Issues
  • Brand awareness
  • The importance of clearing new trademarks
  • Special considerations for protecting acronyms (e.g. “BSU” for “Big State University”)
  • Best practices for monitoring and enforcing trademark rights