Designed for senior decision-makers in the fields of anti-corruption, compliance and risk management, ACI’s 11th  West Coast Conference on FCPA Enforcement and Compliance provides for its prominent speaker faculty and attendees the ideal forum for networking, sharing experiences of cutting-edge risk mitigation strategies and compliance programs, and exploring the challenges of doing business in high risk regions.

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Marines' Memorial Club and Hotel, San Francisco CA
Start Date/Time:
25 September 2018
End Date/Time:
26 September 2018

What is it about?

  • How to minimize FCPA risks when moving your product through the pipeline from seller to end-user
  • Vetting big vs. small business partners
  • Third party requirements: How to include contractual provisions for third parties to have adequate compliance controls
  • What regulators consider adequate controls and how your company’s market position and power may impact your leverage in contractual negotiations with third parties