Munich partner Dr. Andreas Splittgerber will be speaking at the conference ''Hate Speech and the Limits to Freedom of Expression in Social Media'', organized by the Academy of European Law (ERA)

Speakers: Andreas Splittgerber

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
ERA Conference Centre, Metzer Allee 4, Trier 54295
Start Date/Time:
26 November 2018
End Date/Time:
27 November 2018

Andreas will be part of the Round table: Blocking more content than necessary. Together with European Commission expert Emma Llansó he will be covering topics such as Censorship disproportionately limiting freedom of expression; Possibility to contest a notice; Are private providers taking the role of a judge?; The case of German online hate speech law.

The roundtable is part of a series of open events organised by ERA on human rights law in Europe. The objective of this event is to explore the notion of hate speech in the social media and how to effectively combat it while respecting freedom of expression, privacy and the freedom to conduct a business.

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