The concept of reasonable accommodation is a well-known cornerstone of the Americans with Disabilities Act. But the familiar concept becomes a substantial challenge for employers when the impairment is misunderstood, or invisible, or questioned. The same is true when the requested accommodation triggers tension or disruption among coworkers.

Speakers: Mariah H. McGrogan

Event Type: CLE / CPD

Location Name:
Reed Smith's Global Customer Centre, 225 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222
Start Date/Time:
7 November 2018, 4:00 PM ET
End Date/Time:
7 November 2018, 5:30 PM ET

Our seminar will explore best practices for managing the trickiest of accommodation requests, such as:

  • handling requests for service or companion animals; 
  • modifying policies to accommodate transgender employees; 
  • accommodating employees with mental impairments; 
  • responding to a disclosure that an employee or candidate is a legal user of medical marijuana; and 
  • exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence and other high-tech solutions.

Attendees will leave with new strategies in hand for improving the workplace for impaired workers and, by doing so, minimizing the risk of claims.