Martin Meißner (Frankfurt) moderated the panel discussion “Brexit: Great Britain tourism at a crossroads” at ITB Berlin, the leading trade fair on travel and tourism in Berlin.

Speakers: Martin Meißner

Event Type: Seminar

Start Date/Time:
6 March 2019
End Date/Time:
6 March 2019

The approaching Brexit is expected to have a massive effect on the tourism industry. Air traffic and other modes of transport are being threatened with disruption, and the freedom to travel is now open to question. What measures are being taken by British destinations, and how will the UK source market develop?

March 6, 2019 Martin Meißner (ReedSmith Frankfurt) moderated the panel discussion with Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research, Euromonitor International, Christoph Debus, Chief Airlines Officer, Thomas Cook Group plc. and Prof. Dr. Elmar Giemulla, Professor of Administrative Law, Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences.

Martin Meißner concludes:

"Companies are required to be prepared for several options – no matter if in a No-DEAL or DEAL scenario. Despite the deadline is so close not all companies are prepared for the period of uncertainty ahead."