With just one month remaining before the deadline of 7 June 2021 for the transposition of the Digital Single Market Directive 2019/790 by the 27 Member States of the EU, we will review and summarize the impact of a number of important publications and announcements regarding the controversial reform of the copyright ‘safe harbour’, expected between now and 7 June.

Speakers: Sophie Goossens

Event Type: Webinar, CLE / CPD

Start Date/Time:
7 May 2021, 2:00 PM BST
End Date/Time:
7 May 2021, 3:00 PM BST

Our seminar will focus on the practical impact of the text on platforms, users, rightsholders and even regulators, and address:

  • the Article 17 Guidelines published by the European Commission;
  • the judgment of the CJEU in the case brought by Poland regarding Article 17;
  • a whistle-stop tour of the different transposition drafts;
  • the degree of differing national implementation which EU law (and the CJEU) can really sustain; and
  • the influence of the text on other copyright laws including UK law.

Must platforms become the guardians of their users’ freedom of expression? Will copyright exceptions undergo an accelerated process of EU harmonisation as a result of the text? What is the new statutory right being discussed in Germany? Will Member States fall out over their interpretation of the text? Please join us for responses to these questions and more on 7 May.