As I'm sure you are, I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the eruption of intolerance and hate this week in Charlottesville. I've lived in Virginia my entire life, so this all hits quite close to home. But, near or far away, from my perspective the principles are the same.

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The events in Charlottesville, as well as those in Barcelona, give our global firm a chance to consider our core values and recommit to them - values that include respect and inclusion. Of course, we are a commercial enterprise, but we are also a partnership and a team of 3000 individuals of all backgrounds, creeds, and colors. What makes us strong is the diversity within our ranks. In my view, the appropriate response to the horrible events in Charlottesville and Barcelona, is to condemn - forthrightly and without qualification - those who would divide us based on hatred. Those who sow discord in our communities are simply wrong and it is antithetical to the way we want to live our professional lives at Reed Smith, working together and supporting each other. And, in response we can work every day to make Reed Smith a model of our core values, a firm built on and strengthened by our differences. We know when we come to work every day, striving to be our best selves, hatred and division have no place.