NEW YORK & LONDON – Reed Smith LLP today announced the launch of Wellness Works, a firmwide program to promote, support and sustain the well-being of its lawyers, staff and other employees worldwide.

“This firm’s most valuable resource is its people, which makes their health and well-being critical to our firm, our clients and our success,” said Sandy Thomas, Reed Smith’s Global Managing Partner and Executive Committee Chair.  “The legal profession is inherently high pressure, and there can be a tendency for personnel in all roles to minimize or ignore their own well-being to focus on the demands of work.  I have high hopes that Wellness Works will help all of us achieve the level of work-life balance we each desire and so richly deserve.”

Wellness Works comprises stress management, work-life balance, healthy habits, and health mindfulness, and encompasses more than physical fitness.  In addition to promoting wellness, the program also will address mental health and substance abuse issues by providing training and information on these topics and helping the firm develop and maintain a supportive culture focused on these and other challenges its global employees encounter.