SAN FRANCISCO – Gravity Stack, Reed Smith’s legal tech subsidiary, has adapted its natural language processing (NLP) software to meet client demands for a turn-key solution to COVID-19-related contract management. Gravity Stack’s AI-driven solution includes intelligent searching and repapering for force majeure and other related clauses, such as delayed or liquidated inventories, liabilities and indemnities and termination provisions.
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Gravity Stack’s AI platform greatly accelerates the overall contract review process. It identifies, analyzes and provides insights on contracts with related language, and updates provisions based on contract risk profiles.

The global pandemic has also triggered numerous legal notifications that must be made to affected parties throughout the world. Gravity Stack’s NLP solution further addresses this issue by dealing with large numbers of contracts quickly and efficiently.

Gravity Stack, which offers tech consulting and custom software client solutions, has steadily expanded its document analysis capabilities since its start in 2018. Today, its Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems are helping clients analyze and repaper existing agreements in relation to the London Interbank Offering Rate (LIBOR), International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), and Non-Disclosure Agreements NDAs, among other key provisions in flux in today’s new world.