Sandy Thomas, Reed Smith’s Global Managing Partner, shared the following note to all personnel worldwide on May 26, 2021.

I am following up on a topic we discussed at the partner meeting this month: the increase across the world in attacks on Jewish people and acts of antisemitism. When we are confronted with events that are inimical to our Core Values, we should say openly what we believe. And, we should find a way to do what a great law firm should to – devote time and resources to make change. This is one of those times.

The Anti-Defamation League in the U.S. has reported a 50 percent increase in antisemitic incidents in recent weeks. Such incidents are happening across the globe, including in the markets in which Reed Smith personnel live and work. In New York City, Los Angeles, London, Germany and elsewhere, horrific incidences have made headlines. These events serve as a wakeup call that antisemitism remains a harsh reality today. We do not tolerate this hatred, and we must actively work to combat it.

Reed Smith is committed to fighting antisemitism in all its forms. We are working actively with our Jewish colleagues to identify actions that we can take individually and as a firm. Here are some concrete steps we will pursue:

  • Pro bono work combating antisemitic acts
  • Support for organizations combating antisemitism
  • Expressions of allyship
  • Speaking out against and not tolerating overt and subtle forms of antisemitism

No one anywhere should forget for a minute that acts of everyday antisemitism laid the foundation for one of the most horrific crimes against humanity. This is a part of history we cannot allow to reemerge.