OKLAHOMA CITY – Reed Smith today publicly released a second supplemental report regarding its independent investigation into the case of Richard E. Glossip, an Oklahoma state inmate on death row since 1997.

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Since the Reed Smith’s initial report on its independent investigation was made public on June 7, and its first supplemental report was made public on Aug. 9, the Reed Smith team has continued to investigate.

Recently, the team learned disturbing new facts central to the understanding and reliability of the case. First, the state’s primary witness, Justin Sneed, discussed “re‐canting my testimony” prior to Richard Glossip’s retrial. After asking his attorney about recanting his testimony, Sneed then met with the lead prosecutor to discuss his testimony, wanting a better deal.

“The jury that convicted Sneed never heard that he was thinking about recanting,” said Stan Perry, one of the Reed Smith partners working on the ongoing independent investigation. “The jury also did not hear that Sneed wanted to break his plea agreement or leverage his testimony to bargain for a better deal.”

The Reed Smith team also continues to obtain information calling into question the state’s theory of Sneed as a “meek puppet,” who was dominated and controlled by Glossip to the point of committing a heinous murder, as unsupported by objective and credible evidence. For example, as detailed in the 45-page Second Supplemental Report, Sneed had threatened to kill his junior high school principal before dropping out of school after the 8th grade, well before his traveling to Oklahoma or meeting Glossip.

Additionally, the team has learned that seven boxes of the district attorney’s case files that it has requested from the DA’s office for some time, but which have never been made available, are now in the possession of the Attorney General’s Office. The Reed Smith team has requested immediate access to these case files to confirm whether or not they contain exculpatory evidence as well as other information relevant to the investigation, including statements of witnesses that have never been provided before.

Reed Smith’s ongoing independent investigation into Richard Glossip’s case and conviction is being conducted on a pro bono basis. The firm launched the investigation at the request of an ad hoc state legislative committee.

To date, 62 Oklahoma legislators have requested the state attorney general to consent to an evidentiary hearing.

On Aug. 6, Gov. Kevin Stitt granted Glossip a 60-day stay of execution while a state appeals court considers his case. Glossip is scheduled to be put to death by the state on Dec. 8.

The Reed Smith team’s second supplemental report (pdf, August 23), first supplemental report (pdf, August 9), summary (pdf, July 21) and full report (pdf, June 16) are available to the public.