Reed Smith is an international law firm practicing in a number of jurisdictions worldwide through separate legal entities, and branch offices of those entities.

The Reed Smith practices are: Reed Smith LLP, a limited liability partnership under the laws of the State of Delaware; Reed Smith LLP, a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales; Reed Smith Pte. Ltd, a private Singapore registered company; Reed Smith LLP, a Kazakhstan registered limited liability partnership; Reed Smith Richards Butler LLP, a Hong Kong limited liability partnership; Reed Smith, Poulopoulos, Underhill & Partners Law Firm, a Greek law firm; Beaufort Trust Corporation Limited and Independent Pension Trustee Ltd (which provide pension and trustee services in the UK); and Reed Smith Corporate Services Limited.

References to Reed Smith on this website are generally to the Reed Smith practices and to entities authorized by the Reed Smith practices to use the name “Reed Smith”.

In relation to those Reed Smith practices which are corporate bodies, whether limited liability partnerships incorporated in the United Kingdom, the USA or Kazakhstan, or other corporate bodies, we use the word "partner", on this website and generally, to refer to a member of the limited liability partnership or a shareowner or director of the corporate body or in either case an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications. Details on all Reed Smith partners is available on our website. Confirmation as to the member/share owner/director/employee status of a person referred to as a partner can be provided on request.

An obligation of a Reed Smith entity (whether arising in contract, tort, or otherwise) is solely the obligation of that Reed Smith entity, and no other Reed Smith entity, and not any individual practicing in a Reed Smith entity, either as a matter of applicable law or we ask you to agree to such as part of your engagement of Reed Smith.

By clicking on Legal Notices you can find important information about Reed Smith’s business, including individual office regulatory and legal information and information provided in accordance with the European and other data privacy laws.

“Reed Smith” is a registered trademark.