Authors: Roger Parker

With the increasing focus of the business world on board-level leadership and effective board performance, there are key questions that need to be asked (and answered): What does good leadership look like? Who are the best people to lead corporations through a progressively complex, regulation-driven, and volatile business environment?

The research for this report examines the issues central to these questions, from a board-member perspective. One such issue is the need – of board members and organisations generally – for effective leadership at board level, especially when considering the current commercial environment. The research has a particular focus on the contribution to leadership that is being made by those with legal backgrounds.

We believe that this is the first attempt to explore the contribution of lawyers in broader business leadership roles through primary research, involving interviews with members of the board-leadership community both in the UK and the US. The results provide thought-provoking insights and points for further scrutiny. Notwithstanding the inexhaustive nature of the paper, its implications are significant to a number of communities, not least to boards themselves.

We trust that you will find the paper informative and engaging, and look forward to the ongoing debate which we hope will follow its publication.

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