Authors: Alison Wickizer Toepp Christopher O. Rivas Jared S. Roach Lauren S. Zabel Peter S. Clark

In this Issue:

  • Detroit Gets a Fresh Start and Pension Debt is at Risk
  • UK Supreme Court Finds Certain Pension Liabilities Are Not Entitled to Priority Treatment, in Nortel and Lehman Decisions
  • Amount of Credit Bid Must Be Included in Calculation of Quarterly Fee
  • Delaware Chancery Court Evaluates ‘Public, Commercially Reasonable’ Foreclosure Sale Under UCC
  • Parent Obligor Can Pledge Subsidiary’s Collateral with Subsidiary’s Knowledge and Consent
  • Lender’s Use of Debtor’s Valuation Judicially Estops Lender from Making Value Objection
  • Bondholders Bound by ‘No Action’ Clause in Unitranche Financing Documents

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