Authors: Alison Wickizer Toepp Brian M. Rostocki Brian M. Schenker Brian M. Schenker Christopher O. Rivas Harvey L. Leiderman Jared S. Roach Jared S. Roach Lauren S. Zabel Marsha A. Houston Peter S. Clark

In this Issue:

  • Has the Supreme Court Limited the Scope of Section 105 of the Bankruptcy Code?
  • Balancing of Interests Results in Preservation of Patent Licensee Rights in Chapter 15 Case
  • Foreign Debtor Must Satisfy U.S. Bankruptcy Code Definition of ‘Debtor’ to Utilise Chapter 15
  • Attorney-Client Privilege Does Not Protect Personal Emails Sent on Corporate Email System
  • Failure to Vote, Plus Confirmation Objection, Does Not Equate to ‘Tacit Acceptance’
  • Claim of Out-of-the-Money Non-Recourse Junior Lienholder Allowed under Section 1111(b)
  • Not so Fast in Applying Detroit Bankruptcy Precedent – At Least in California
  • State Claims Brought Against Purchaser After Section 363 Sale Constitute Impermissible Collateral Attack
  • Third Circuit Affirms – Claims Purchaser Subject to Preference Claim to the Same Extent as Original Claimant
  • Premium Financing Arrangements Immune to Preference Action
  • Attempted Triangular Set-Off Not Permitted Because of Lack of Mutuality, Nor Is It Within Safe Harbor
  • Plan Not ‘Fair and Equitable’ Because of Substantial Risks Placed on Secured Creditor
  • A Bankruptcy Court’s Newly Founded Ability to Certify Questions of Law, Namely Involving Corporate Law Issues, to the Delaware Supreme Court
  • Counsel’s Corner: News From Reed Smith

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