Bloomberg BNA’s Corporate Accountability Report, 13 CARE 1847

Authors: Karen Lee Lust

According to an early 2015 report, 74 percent of companies are currently using or plan to use BYOD, or ‘‘Bring Your Own Device’’ programs, which allow their employees to use their own mobile devices for business purposes. BYOD devices include, employee-owned smartphones, tablets and laptops, each with potentially different operating systems, technologies and applications to create and store data—and each with their own set of information governance and e-discovery challenges. Despite the popularity of BYOD, a summer 2014 survey found that only 39 percent of companies have a formal BYOD policy in place. Ironically, BYOD is one of the highest-risk areas with regard to potential data losses. Companies that implement BYOD programs should recognize that their employees are handling potentially sensitive or proprietary company information, outside the secure environments set up by information technology within a traditional office.

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