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The California legislature is considering a bill aimed at requiring full disclosure of ingredients and chemicals of concern in cleaning products. The bill, if enacted, will impact manufacturers’ and California employers’ disclosure requirements for cleaning products manufactured, sold or used in California. The legislative intent stems from safety concerns and an employee’s or consumer’s lack of knowledge regarding dangerous chemicals contained in cleaning products (and the health effects associated with use of those products). However, the bill is controversial - manufacturers and employers believe the bill’s requirements create an over-abundance of facts without context which will only increase employee and consumer confusion, place Confidential Business Information at risk (stifling product reformulation and innovation), and will be both costly and impractical to implement as currently drafted.

Authors: Todd O. Maiden

Introduction to SB 258

Senate Bill 258 is entitled the “Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017.” California senator Ricardo Lara introduced this bill on February 8, 2017. The bill was considered by and passed through several Senate Committees and has now moved over to the State Assembly. This is California’s third attempt in the last seven years to pass a “right-to-know” bill like this and follows a multi-state trend of full ingredient disclosures for consumer products.