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Amendments to Malaysia’s anti-corruption law were recently passed by the lower house of the Malaysian parliament. The main thrust of these amendments, which are set out in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Bill 2018, is the introduction of corporate liability into Malaysian anti-corruption laws. Previously, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act (MACCA), which is the primary anti-corruption legislation in Malaysia and was enacted in 2009, was confined to individual liability for corruption offenses.

Authors: Calvin Chan

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Section 17A of MACCA

These corporate liability provisions can be found in the new section 17A of MACCA. Notably, they provide that the corrupt acts of persons associated with a commercial organization will be attributed to that commercial organization. Associated persons include directors, partners, employees and third-party service providers of the commercial organization. The definition of commercial organization similarly has a wide ambit, and includes Malaysian companies and partnerships whether conducting business in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia, as well as foreign companies conducting business in Malaysia.