Business Law Magazine, Issue 3, 2018

In the last issue of the Business Law Magazine, we launched the In-house Top 5 section. As of today, this section will be mirrored by the premiere edition of the Lawyers Top 5. We will be presenting all the important and practice-oriented topics that are high on the agendas of leading corporate lawyers in Germany. Since 2014, this magazine’s core statement has been: “From lawyers for companies.”

Authors: Rolf Hünermann Dr. Heike Wagner, Dr. Uwe Goetker

With the Lawyers Top 5, we would like to contribute further to improving transparency in the German legal market on both the demand and supply side, in conjunc¬tion with companies, law firms, auditing firms and service providers. Our newly established Top 5 series supplements the practice-oriented reporting introduced in the Business Law Magazine four years ago. And because time is a factor – and, of course, time is money – we have tried to make our reporting as succinct as possible.

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