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In BSM v BSN and another matter [2019] SGHC 185, the Singapore High Court refused an application to set aside two related international arbitration awards where the tribunal had subsequently cured the defects in the awards following remission to the tribunal.


The Singapore High Court has refused an application to set aside two related international arbitration awards. In refusing the application, the High Court had first utilised its curative powers in earlier proceedings under Article 34(4) of the Model Law, which allows the court to suspend setting aside proceedings and remit a matter to an arbitral tribunal to give the tribunal an opportunity to cure a defect in the award and eliminate grounds for setting aside.

The decision demonstrates the high bar required to set aside an international arbitral award in Singapore, on the grounds of breach of natural justice and/or denial of the opportunity to be heard.

(BSM v BSN and another matter [2019] SGHC 185) (13 August 2019).)