As we look toward a new year and a new decade, it is important to stop and see how far we have come. At the beginning of the decade, consumers were starting to dig out of the Great Recession.

Authors: Jason W. Gordon

In 2010, the iPhone 4 was released,1 as was Facebook Inc.’s mobile app and the introduction of the "like" button.2 Tesla Inc. would not introduce the Model S for another two years.3 In the fall of 2010, a small photo-sharing startup called Instagram Inc. was born.4 Advertising spend clocked in at $131 billion.5

Today, digital ad spend is nearly triple the entire ad spend by brands in 2010,6 and social media ad spend eclipsed print at 13% of the total ad spend last year.7 Apple Inc. is a $1.2 trillion company8 looking to release the iPhone 12 and next generation AirPods, and push into augmented reality.9 Tesla has three cars for sale, and recently released details on its first pickup truck.10 Facebook now owns Instagram,11 counting 68% of the American population as users.12

Advertisers need to be a step ahead of the market, in order to keep up with changing trends and attention spans of the Snapchat and Instagram generation. In 2020, advertisers will enter a world impacted by an increased sensitivity to privacy and the use of data, coupled with consumers who have grown savvy to influencer marketing and product placement. Let us not forget the political climate — 2020 will most certainly be impacted by digital marketing and social media. The legal landscape is ever changing, and we note some of the cutting-edge trends.