Cybersecurity Law Report

The onslaught of privacy regulations has impacted every industry and, while it seems that no industry can be flat footed -from auto manufacturers to ecommerce platforms - one in particular has had to remain especially nimble: the advertising technology (Adtech) industry. In this article, we discuss the growth of Adtech and how it falls into privacy laws' crosshairs, review relevant definitions under the CCPA and provide advice on how the industry can comply with the patchwork of sometimes allusive definitions, including by turning to industry tools and knowing their data.

Authors: Sarah L. Bruno

Growth of Adtech

In the last few years, the term "Adtech" has grown from a well-known concept in the advertising and ad agency realm to a term that is now populating the discussion boards of privacy practitioners. There are two reasons for this: (1) data, and what can be learned from it, which is the currency of the Adtech industry; and (2) new privacy regulations that have stretched the definition of "personal information" to potentially encompass the data collected and exchanged via ad networks.

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