Tax Notes

Over the last 14 months Californians faced the unpredictable, but were also oftentimes greeted with the predictable from Sacramento.

While, unpredictably, the large metropolises came to a grinding halt and citizens stood masked, six feet apart from one another, California’s government predictably introduced new taxes and suspended business-friendly tax credits.All of this, layered with remote working, Zoom meetings, and unprecedented low interest rates, created a perfect storm in which, for the first time, California experienced a net decrease in its population in 2020.2 Despite the state’s gradual reopening, many Californians are continuing to work from home and some are beginning to contemplate whether they, too, should exit the Golden State. While many residents may wish to socially distance themselves from California to escape taxation, physically moving out of the state is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to terminating California tax residency.

This article was originally published by Tax Analyst. To read the full article, please download the PDF below.

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