Last year was a critical year for advertisers, technology and the metaverse.

Authors: Jason W. Gordon

Search engine optimization was increasingly critical to reach consumers as various jurisdictions opened, closed or created a hybrid model to sell products and services.

We witnessed the explosion of nonfungible tokens, Dogecoin, meme stocks and companies going public through special purpose acquisition companies.

Remote water-cooler talk centered on discussions about GameStop Corp., and whether someone actually owns cryptocurrencies.

Michael Strahan and William Shatner went to space on Blue Origin LLC's latest rockets. Back here on Earth, electric vehicle company Rivian Automotive Inc. had a blockbuster initial public offering while selling fewer than 1,200 vehicles.

A new administration in the White House and a new Congress brought in some new regulation, and a ton of political theater.

Politicians were happy to call CEOs from social media platforms and Big Tech to testify, but we failed to see a single bill brought to President Joe Biden's desk.