Global Trade and Customs Journal

In an article published by the Global Trade and Customs Journal, Jin Woo Kim interviews Pierrick Le Gallo, DuPont EMEA President, on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Authors: Jin Woo Kim

  1. Please describe your professional background and business expertise and how you gained your experiences in these fields

Shortly after obtaining my master’s degree, I realized that growing and developing in the international environment of a reputable global company was a path I intended to take. My business experience began in one of the DuPont sales departments and I can honestly say that starting my professional adventure with DuPont was a decision I cherish every day. During my thirty-seven years in the company, I have had an opportunity to live and be exposed to different aspects of business life. One could describe them as building blocks of competencies for the role I am currently holding. Spending more than twenty years in a wide variety of countries and in different parts of the organization made me a highly adaptable person with an in-depth understanding of diverse projects. Such were taken place in the Asia Pacific and North America regions and within Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, HR, Corporate Strategy Planning and Business Leadership departments. 

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Reprinted from Global Trade and Customs Journal, Volume 17, Issue 1, January 2022, pp. 53-56, with permission of Kluwer Law International.