Debbie is a senior paralegal in the Global Corporate Group. Her practice focuses on a variety of business matters, including merger and acquisition transactions and the involvement in the closing of financing transactions, including due diligence; preparation and filing of UCCs; ordering, analysis and summarization of lien and litigation searches; formation, qualification and maintenance of corporations, LLCs and other business entities, as well as conversions, mergers and dissolutions; preparation and management of various types of compliance filings; online corporate research; maintenance of entity equity tracking, including stock ledgers, stock option charts and capitalization tables; stock issuances and transfers; preparation of corporate minutes and stock records; and tracking of board/shareholder annual meeting dates. In addition, she works with corporate service company vendors on obtaining apostille and legalizations of documents and business license issues and contract representation under loan documents.


  • Purdue University, 2003, B.S.