Like many reputable law firms, Reed Smith’s brand and the names of its lawyers and employees are attractive targets for perpetrators of fraud. Their scams can take many forms and are continually evolving.

Counterfeit check scam: The firm has been made aware of a scam whereby individuals attempt to use counterfeit Reed Smith checks to commit fraud on unsuspecting third parties. The third parties are instructed to deposit the check and, when the funds seem to be available, wire money back to the sender – before the check is ultimately determined to be counterfeit by the bank. The wired funds are usually not recoverable.

Use caution in relation to any unexpected or unusual communications. Never deposit unsolicited checks into your bank account until you confirm they are legitimate, and do not wire money back to the sender.

If you receive a suspicious or unexpected communication from someone purporting to be from Reed Smith, please check the authenticity of the correspondence by emailing us.